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Australian Residential Property Planners evolved and grew out of a need for investors to have access to property investment advice and guidance in all the fields involved with investing in property markets, including property finance and loans, real estate investment specialists, rental management, insurance, quantity surveyors [depreciation] and accountants who specialise in investment properties.

Our referral panel of property investment specialists offers advice and tips from online publications such as Australian Property Investor Magazine & Global Property Guide for successful property investing Australia wide.

The sources we draw from in our research include: CoreLogic RP Data, Australian Bureau of Statistics, BIS Shrapnel, REIA | Real Estate Institute of Australia,  Here is a link to this information.

We offer an obligation free, step by step investment process designed to suit the individual property investor.

Australian Residential Property Planners is an organisation of investors successfully building investment property portfolios through on-going planning and long term property investment strategies. BEST OF ALL, OUR SERVICES ARE FREE TO THE INVESTOR.

How do we help you?

Through our network of affiliates our goal is to provide people with simple, yet valuable information on the fundamentals of property investment, and to provide an insight into what makes a solid real estate investment, how to finance and protect your property investment, and how to maximise your investment return through professional property management.

Australian Residential Property Planners was set up to provide the knowledge and bring together the expertise and resources to enable investors to confidently invest in residential investment property with peace of mind through ongoing network support.

Our aim is to provide everyday Australians with the opportunity to enhance their financial situation through the effective co-ordination of a full range of affiliated specialised organisations with proven financial tactics designed for every stage of life.

What are the advantages in using us?

Buying, selling and investing in real estate involves some of the biggest decisions and financial committments people will face in their lives. Thorough research and a sound knowledge base is the key to stress free real estate transactions. Not everybody has the time, the confidence, the inclination or the resources to do property investment by themselves, especially for their first. For many other people we have simply been a more efficient way of helping to grow their property portfolio.

Property Investment

“Property investment is an important method of investing resulting in many Australians achieving financial independence. The first step in a real estate investing program is to find out your objectives and goals. The second is to then confirm the potential property investors capacity to set up the initial investment and then to add to it progressively over time. Once these questions are answered you can then select the appropriate property investment strategy. Each investor is different so a personalised approach gives you the best chance for success, to find out more contact us for an obligation free inhome consultation with one of our property investment strategists. All Australian Residential Property Planners advisors are active and successful property investors.”¬†Investor Services

Why Australian Residential Property Planners

Property Investment is a specialty field, most real estates are geared towards the owner occupier purchaser. The Real Estate agents way usually results in a much too heavily negative cash flow. Why? Because the properties recommended are often second-hand, as a result the out of pocket expenses are higher as the depreciation does not give you the same level of tax benefits associated with new properties. The result is a heavily negative cashflow!

Secondly, most Real Estates are geared towards selling the properties they happen to have for sale according to the area they cover, usually with emphasis on their auctions and sole agencies as this is how they achieve their highest commissions. In other words, they are working for the vendor not the purchaser. We refer you to a licenced Real Estate who specialises in investment property.

How do I get started?

Contact Australian Residential Property Planners for a free information pack, or to arrange an obligation free consultation.
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